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Amazing Gold Facts

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World’s largest gold bar made by Mitsubishi corporations and this weight is 250kg.
We can find gold on every continent.
We can eat gold. This is very helpful for our health.
Every human body contains 0.2 milligrams gold.
Earthquakes convert water into gold.
We can recover more gold from 1-ton personal computers than seventeen tons of gold ore.
Olympic gold medals are not made of pure gold. these medals contain only 1.34 percent of gold.
Sun has a large quantity of gold. About six tenth billionth of the sun.
Six-milligram gold lost every year from wedding ring by wearing.

There is 20 million ton gold in oceans.

Gold melting point is 1063 °C or 1945 °F.

Witwatersrand city is the largest producer of gold.

Earth’s core has a large quantity of gold that can easily cover the earth with the depth of 1.5 feet.

Since 2014, Dubai gives 2 gram of gold to each child for 1 kg weight loss.

There is a psychological disease aurophobia. (the fear of gold)

Indian housewives hold more gold than US, IMF, Switzerland, and Germany together. About world’s 11 percent.

The world’s largest gold coin weight is 1000 kg and it was made by the Australian government mint.

Gold use in Mclearn F1 cars engine making.

Gold can inject into body and cure cancer.

In 1660, Alchemist Hening brand thought that there is gold in urine. for gold recovery, he boiled 15 gallons of urine. In the end, he discovered phosphorus the first time.

52000 tons gold left to mine underground.

In 2015, Apple recovered 2204 pound gold from broken iPhone.

Lebanon has second largest per capita gold reserves.

There traces of gold in hairs.


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