Gold Recovery

Green Fiber CPU Processors Gold Recovery

2nd Method:

I take 10 kg batch of green fiber CPU processors for gold recovery. Actually, this batch was sent to me by my friend for gold recovery. He didn’t know anything about recycling and he had cut some processors. I stopped him to cut processors and tell him how to recycle. You can watch the video that I made three different categories of green CPU processors. I have already told that I will work on whole processors and neglect MLCC in this process. So friends Let’s start the second method.

Metals Dissolving:

I put processors in a large tub. Dip them in HCL (Hydrochloric Acid). I used an extra amount of HCL in the video but you need to dip the processors in HCL. I added water ten percent of HCL quantity. After that, I added half litter HNO3 (Nitric Acid) in the solution and leave it for reaction. After some time reaction was started. All metals will dissolve in the solution against this reaction. I used about two litters of Nitric Acid. You should add nitric acid until all metals will dissolve. When you check that all gold plated pions have dissolved then stop to add Nitric Acid and leave it on cooldown.

When solution cools down then filter the solution. At this point, you can use any fabric or filter paper for filtration. I used a fabric for this. Wash all green fiber two times with water. Now, All lead and silver and other metals have dissolved in the solution. So, first, we have to separate lead and silver. Add some sulfuric acid in solution and double the volume with water adding. Water will help to precipitate lead and silver. After this, leave the solution for two hours. After two hours, filter the solution with filter paper. All lead and silver powder will leave on filter paper. Now, we can go for green fiber CPU processors gold recovery.

Gold Recovery:

It’s time for gold precipitation. I used about 350 Gram SMB for gold precipitation in my case. When the quantity of base metals increases then SMB (Sodium Metabisulfite) quantity should use extra. In this case, Our aqua regia is full of many base metals. So, I used extra SMB for gold precipitation. Simply, dissolve SMB in water and add to the solution. Double the solution with water and leave it overnight.

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Next day all gold powder will settle down. Filter all solution with filter paper for gold powder recovery. Wash well with water and dry the filter papers. White crystals or powder can appear with gold dust In some cases. You should not worry about that and burn the filter paper. Now, I recommend you that you should repeat aqua regia process. It helps in gold purity and extra powder or crystal will be clear. I also treated gold dust with Aqua Regia Process.

After aqua regia process and melt the gold powder, I get 14.15 GRAM gold from 10 kg green CPU processors gold recovery. This is a very good ratio because in these day companies are using very low gold quantity in electronic item. So, I am very satisfied with this result. I hope, you like this tutorial. If you have any question or suggestion, comment me on youtube comment box. Because I reply there fast. Don,t forget to like video and tell me about your gold recovery experience about these green CPU processors. TAKE CARE……

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  1. Hi, would you please let us know the percentage concentration of HCl and HNO3 you use. This will help to achieve same result when your method is copied. Thank you for sharing.

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