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Best Filter Paper For Gold Recovery

Best Filter For Gold Recovery:

This is the best filter paper for gold recovery in my experience life. You can easily filter any solution in minutes. I made this video on many requests. I hope you will like this. If anyone wants to buy this then you can contact me.


  1. awesome post. !!! umar bhai here we have no gas supply! can you please help me to setup mlcc recycling process! can you give me a person who can setup complete process here in my refinery! please

  2. a.o.a i am from azad kashmir kotli district. i want you to provide us a person who can setup mlcc capacitor process and do all process once. we will bear all expensis and will be visited to the minerals enriched hills of kashmir!

  3. Brother, the solution that you have filtered in your video doesn’t have any precipitate, it was like clear water. so for sure it does’t cause in plugging in paper pores. But I think if we attempt to filter another thick solution that has heavy precipitates remaining from dissolving process, we ‘re going to face the same problem with pore plugging and time waste to complete filtration for the same. So I realize the best way to fast filtration is using air vacuum.

  4. Hi, I am interesting to buy your filter paper from you. Can I send you payment by paypal?

    Let me know if you are still able to ship this filter.

    Thank you.


  5. name Nami Almaghrabi. from Saudi Arabia I like your sight thanks to a lot of fore all information you provide it. I am beginner fore recycling e west caring for gold I will well be one of your friends hear.

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