Gold Recovery Secrets

Old Laptops

Monolithic ceramic capacitors:

There is a large quantity of mlcc can be found on laptop boards. These mlcc are also different from other mlcc. Because the quantity of precious metals are very high in them. You can learn about mlcc recycling by click here.

IC Chips:

There is a large amount of gold can be recovered from laptop boards ic chips. The treatment of sulfuric acid on these ic chips is very easy. You can recover 3 to 5-gram gold from one kg ic chips of old laptop boards. For ic chips recycling Click here.

Tantalum Capacitors:

Tantalum capacitors are also very important because we can recover a large amount of silver from them. I will also make a tutorial on tantalum capacitors.

Old Laptops Bonuses:

You can find many bonuses from an old scrap laptop. The top bonus is wifi card, processors, and rams. These are three items are expensive from a laptop board. You can also find an LCD card. The LCD card has some ic chips but these chips have also a large amount of gold.


I will recommend you that remove ic chips and graphic ic chips first. Then if you want to recycle all remaining board then every item do separately. Other option is that sell or sends to a recycling company. I suggest you that you should depend on only ic chips and graphic ic chips. And the remaining board should store. These stored boards can be a game changer for you. Don’t take easy it because there are many hidden precious metals are in it. So keep storing and then send to a recycling company. They will recover all precious metals for you.

In the question is that how much we can earn. And the answer is that, if you work on complete board then you can earn about 18 dollars. If you do recycle only ic chips then you will earn about 10 dollars from 1 kg boards. I tried to tell you some secrets of e-waste recycling in this tutorial. Please like and share this with your friends. It will give me more energy to do more and more. Keep recycling and earning! THANK YOU…

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  1. zabardast umar bhai. waiting for copper recovery guide and other mathods of monolethic ceramic capacitors.

  2. zabardast umar bhai. waiting for copper recovery guide and other mathods of monolethic ceramic capacitors

  3. As Salam alequm,
    Umar bro.
    Me IC chips ko cupeletion method se proses karta hu.
    Cupeletion method and chemical method se gold recovery me difference aata he kiya.
    Kis method me recovery sahi rahegi.
    What method is best for gold recovery, cupeletion or chemical.

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