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Computer Recycling


You can find 1-3 rams from one pc but the gold quantity in a ram is very impressive. You will shock to hear that you can sell your dead ram about half dollar. I have also made a tutorial about gold recovery from rams. You should visit this.

Hard Drive:

A Hard drive contains an aluminum body and circuit board. Hard drive circuit has a good quantity of gold. If you recycle this separately then you can recover much metal from this. You can also sell scrap hard drive on some websites on one plus dollar.

CD or DVD Roms:

I have already made a complete tutorial on cd ROM recycling. Its price is also can be 1 dollar.

Floppy Disk:

Floppy disk drive does not play the main role in computer recycling. Because the cost of the floppy drive is very low.

Power Supply Unit:

You can recover copper and steel scrap from power supply unit. It also contains some ic chips and solder. The main thing is copper in power supply.


Every CPU has a processor and its a major part of every cup. The new technology processors have a very low quantity of gold. But if you recycle old models then you will get a very handsome gold ratio. You can learn more about CPU recycling.

Data Cables:

If you are going to recycle a large quantity of computer. Then you will recover many data cables. Data cables also have a large quantity of copper. you can also see connectors on data cables. These connectors have some gold. You can recycle them to use gold plated pin recycling procedure.

Outer casing:

There is a not rocket science about the outer casing. It can contain plastic and steel. You can easily separate them and sell in the market.

Now you can determine recycling procedure. If you are not interested in precious metals recovery. Then you can separate all components and sell them online or any scrap dealer. If you are thinking about computer recycling business then you can visit our complete website. This will helpful for your recycling business journey.
If I have left anything, you can tell me in the comment box below. You can subscribe our youtube gold recovery channel to watch recycling videos. I hope, your concept about computer recycling is clear now. Keep supporting……THANKS

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  1. We are a group of engineers working in the field of collecting and recycling computer waste and scrap and exporting them as well. If you are interested in cooperating with us , do not hesitate to contact us. Esmaeel monajati Managing director

    1. I want to start e waste recycling plant can you guide me from where to start and which instrument will be best for e waste recycling what difficulties I will have to face to start in Pakistan.

  2. I want to start e waste recycling plant can you guide me from where to start and which instrument will be best for e waste recycling what difficulties I have to face to start in India

  3. Hello Sir/Madam,

    I am looking to start my own e-waste recycling business. I want to know about the machinery used, specification, cost, land, etc. Also, I want to know about the number and quantity of resources I would obtain by recycling e-waste. Please let me know so that I can proceed further accordingly. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you

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