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Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling:

This article is only for newbies. If you know about computer recycling then you can learn about gold recovery from computers in gold recovery category. Computers are everywhere these days. Every company, factory, and even a home need a computer. The personal computers are available from 1977. Every year an advanced model takes old model space. And those old models of computer send to waste. We can not estimate that how much computers become scrap every year. You will learn old computers recycling in this article. We can make money very easy to recycle computers. Let’s learn how to recycle computers properly.

Learn Computer Recycling:

If you have any old computer and want to recycle it. Open the cover of a computer. Here I am talking about CPU (central processing unit). You will watch some circuit boards and wires. Now we have to separate all items for computer recycling. We can get these following items from a CPU.

  • Mother Board
  • Rams
  • Hard Disk Dive
  • CD or DVD Player
  • Floppy Disk Drive
  • Power Supply
  • Processor
  • Data Cables and Wires
  • Outer Casing

All these items have different metals. Recycling method of every item is different. Let’s talk about these items step by step.

Mother Boards:

The motherboard is the main part of a computer. And it plays the main role in computer recycling.The reason of its importance is its precious metals. Every motherboard has a good quantity of precious metals. We can recover gold from its ic chips. Graphic Ic chips of a motherboard have highest gold quantity. Every professional recycler wants this. We can also recover gold from its gold-plated connector pins and cable jacks. A lot of mlcc capacitors can also find on a motherboard. Mlcc has palladium and silver. You can learn palladium recovery from mlcc capacitors. So, we can say that motherboard plays the main role in computers recycling.Click Next page Button…

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  1. We are a group of engineers working in the field of collecting and recycling computer waste and scrap and exporting them as well. If you are interested in cooperating with us , do not hesitate to contact us. Esmaeel monajati Managing director

    1. I want to start e waste recycling plant can you guide me from where to start and which instrument will be best for e waste recycling what difficulties I will have to face to start in Pakistan.

  2. I want to start e waste recycling plant can you guide me from where to start and which instrument will be best for e waste recycling what difficulties I have to face to start in India

  3. Hello Sir/Madam,

    I am looking to start my own e-waste recycling business. I want to know about the machinery used, specification, cost, land, etc. Also, I want to know about the number and quantity of resources I would obtain by recycling e-waste. Please let me know so that I can proceed further accordingly. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you

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