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Game board’s IC Chips Recycling

I have already made many tutorials on ic chips recycling. But every tutorial is on different ic chips. As same. This tutorial is also in a different category of ic chips. Some people were asking me about this ic chips recycling and finally, I decided to make this. I hope, you recycling skills will polish with this tutorial. So, let’s start….

IC Chips:

These ic chips are the graphic engine for some gaming consoles and other graphic devices. My ic chips are mostly recovered from Sony PlayStation main board. So, it will be not wrong if I call this tutorial name “gold recovery from PlayStation”. I will use a different trick for this recycling to save money and increase my profit. As frankly, Theses ic chips are the bonus for me because I did not buy theses.

IC Chips Recycling:

As you can see that one side of these ic chips made with copper and another side with a regular ic chips material. First, we shall use the sulfuric acid method. Use a large pot for these ic chips. Dip in sulfuric acid. Now, Cook on low flame. Don’t you normal or high flame. Use extra sulfuric acid for these ic chips. These ic chips will take double time to dissolve in sulfuric acid. I treated these ic chips with sulfuric acid for three hours. One thing more, Make sure to stir all ic chips in sulfuric acid after every ten minutes. If you will not do this then ic chips will hard.When you will see that ic chips black part has been dissolved then turn off the flame and leave it for two hours. Then wash out sulfuric acid.

Fiber Removing:

At this point, we shall change our strategy, You will see that lot of copper pieces appeared. This is pure copper. So we should not waste our nitric acid to remove this copper. we shall recover copper and save our nitric.

You will also see an amount of fiber or fabric will appear. There are many gold wires will be in this fabric. So first, use HF to remove all fiber. If you have watched our previous ic chips tutorial then you can understand about using of HF. You can also know more about HF by visiting our beginner’s guide. HF will eat all fiber about in five minutes. There is one reason more behind the HF usage, HF will separate all gold wires from silicon glass. This thing will help us to remove and save copper because some silicone glasses will not separate from copper. And our gold wire can be the waste. But we have used HF. Washout HF and wash three to four times remaining material.

Recover Metals:

Now I will recommend you to wear safety gloves. Take water in any pot or jug. Put out all copper pieces by using hand and give almost one dip in the water. If any wire will be on a copper piece
then it will drop in the water pot. This procedure will take time but give you extra earnings. I could not make the video of this procedure due to heavy rain. Because I did not stop my work and enjoy recycling in rain. After separating all copper pieces. Add some nitric acid to remove remaining small copper pieces. Wash well and use aqua regia for gold recovery. Aqua regia will dissolve all gold. Use SMB for gold precipitation.

Final Result:

I used 14 kg ic chips. After processing, I recover these metals.

  • Gold……………… 18 GRAMS
  • Copper………….. 8 KG

This result is not bad because ic chips main weight were due to copper. But plus point is that we recovered 8 kg copper. I hope you enjoy this article If you have suggestions about videos or articles then you can comment below. And please give me your feed back about this article in the comment section.
Keep Learning, Keep recycling, Keep making GOLD


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