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Buchner funnel:

buchner funnelIn e waste recycling and gold recovery procedures, Gravity filtration is best. But on some points, you will need vacuum filtration. For vacuum filtration, you will need Buchner funnel. You should choose a big Buchner funnel. I use 250mm diameter Buchner funnel. But can use minimum 150 mm diameter Buchner funnel. Use only ceramic made Buchner funnel.

Vacuum flask:

For vacuum filtration, you will also need a vacuum flask. You can choose any company for a vacuum flask. You just need to confirm that your Buchner funnel should be fit with a cork on vacuum flask.

Vacuum Pump:

gold recovery vacuum pumpA vacuum pump is necessary for a vacuum filtration process. This is an expensive item but I will tell you the cheapest way. When you will go to market for vacuum pump then you will see oil vacuum pumps. These pumps sucking capacity is very high but these vacuum pumps are not good for our gold recovery process because after some time this will be Jam. If you want to save your money then use this type of compressor. You can also use a second-hand compressor find this from any scrap yard. You can use this as a vacuum pump. It is reliable for filtration. If this leave to do work, you can easily repair it.

Glass beakers.

glass beakersYou will also need glass beakers for gold recovery. As a recycler, don’t buy small beaker. Your smallest beaker should be 2 liters. If you want to boil something in a beaker then use only original Pyrex beaker. And if you use only for holding solutions then you can use any cheaper company for this because Pyrex is an expensive company and you don’t need to waste your money for only solution holding on Pyrex.

Plastic Buckets:

A cheaper way for gold recovery is plastic pots and buckets. You should confirm that your plastic pot should not be made with PET. Because PET is not good for acids. PET dissolves in many acids.

To be continued…….

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  1. thanks umer bhai . i was using 3coffee filter papers and wet them and then use to filter gold dust. but i will not do this again.

  2. Assalam alley kum Umar Bhai
    I just wanna know .. which type of nitric acid we use because in market we have different grades nitric acid available ..?
    And you used urea as stablizer for gold dust and. Cooper dust.
    So we can use any of urea or some special type of we have to use..?
    And we also require any type of special masks as well ..?
    I am from new Delhi so all things are available in market .. and initially I want to start this business as home based so I can do this in my home or not ?
    How much time will take for this complete process ?
    Please help me for these questions..I am wating. For your reply .

    1. Wa Alaikum Salam
      Nitric 68% industrial grade
      Any urea which is also known as khaad
      Yes, use high-quality face masks.
      You can do this on the rooftop of the house but on small scale.
      In, starting you can face many difficulties.

  3. Hola umar como estas soy de Argentina y estoy iniciando en la recuperacion de metales preciosos, muy interesantes tus videos y enseñan muchos procesos, tienes algun curso sobre esto gracias

  4. Dear Umer bhai kindly can you email me all the details and procedure. Please tell me the procedure in detail that which acid should be used and how the procedure should be taken in the right way, your help would be highly appreciated. Thankyou

  5. Hello sir,

    I just went through your videos and tutorials, its build up very nice and informative.

    My doubt is if the Ewaste is mixed how we can decide which metal to extract first ??…like gold first or silver , copper??
    Is aqua regia the correct method for recovering gold, silver??

  6. Hello Sir,

    Gone though your website , very nicely build up and very informative.

    My doubt is if I have mixed Ewaste how should I know which metals to recover first gold, Silver , Copper

    Is aqua regia refining process ok for recovering gold,silver,copper ??

  7. Very informative website. Very few people share real knowledge,no hidden secrets and umar iqbal is one of them..hats off to you brother..

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