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Gold Recovery Equipment

Gold Recovery Equipment:

In this article, you will know about some basic types of gold recovery equipment. If you are new to e-waste recycling and want to start this business then you should know that which instrument is good for you. Our many friends did,t know any thing about gold recovery equipment. I hope, this article will help them and increase their recovery chemicals

Steel pots as Gold Recovery Equipment:

we need so many equipment for gold recovery. If you are going to recycle ic chips this steel pot is the main equipment. Many people buy steel pot from the market and when they use those steel pots. Acid eats steel pot. Its main reason is that steel has different qualities and grades. Every grade of steel can not be used for every work. There are many steel grades like 304 306 308 316 and much much more. But 304 and 316 are best for acid use. I personally use 304-grade steel. 316-grade steel also a high-quality steel and its price are higher than 304 but 316 grade is used especially useful in medical and food processing.

I recommend you that don’t buy ready made steel pot for gold recovery if you have any dought about this. Especially if you are living in the middle east. Because in this region pure 304-grade steel does not manufacture. You can order to make steel pot from any steel workshop with pure 304-grade steel sheet. And please test steel sheet from the laboratory. If laboratory tells 304 grade then use it for making a pot. My steel pots are also made by hand. I hope, now you can choose your steel pot better.
(Note! never use HCl in steel pots.)

Filter paper:

filter paper for recyclingFriends, If you want to start gold recovery from e waste and want to take this business on next level then don’t think this small. Your every gold recovery equipment should be a reason able size that can give you a better output to make a profit. If you will do this like a small blood test laboratory then you can recover gold but can not make a profit. Filtration process could be very irritating if you did not choose right for you. My first advice is, don’t use precut filter paper. Ask for filter paper sheets. It can be some costly but with sheets you can filter a large amount of solution at one time. Second thing is that which filter paper sheet and which company. You can use 70 gram or 80-gram sheet use. 70 gram is a number of sheets. 70 is thin and 80-gram filter paper is thicker than 70 gram. 50 and 60-gram filter papers are also available in the market. Some people think that thinner filter paper will do work fast. But this is a wrong theory. Thick filter papers have extra capacity of absorption. You can use any company made filter paper but Whatman is best. I hope now you can understand your need.

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  1. thanks umer bhai . i was using 3coffee filter papers and wet them and then use to filter gold dust. but i will not do this again.

  2. Assalam alley kum Umar Bhai
    I just wanna know .. which type of nitric acid we use because in market we have different grades nitric acid available ..?
    And you used urea as stablizer for gold dust and. Cooper dust.
    So we can use any of urea or some special type of we have to use..?
    And we also require any type of special masks as well ..?
    I am from new Delhi so all things are available in market .. and initially I want to start this business as home based so I can do this in my home or not ?
    How much time will take for this complete process ?
    Please help me for these questions..I am wating. For your reply .

    1. Wa Alaikum Salam
      Nitric 68% industrial grade
      Any urea which is also known as khaad
      Yes, use high-quality face masks.
      You can do this on the rooftop of the house but on small scale.
      In, starting you can face many difficulties.

  3. Hola umar como estas soy de Argentina y estoy iniciando en la recuperacion de metales preciosos, muy interesantes tus videos y enseñan muchos procesos, tienes algun curso sobre esto gracias

  4. Dear Umer bhai kindly can you email me all the details and procedure. Please tell me the procedure in detail that which acid should be used and how the procedure should be taken in the right way, your help would be highly appreciated. Thankyou

  5. Hello sir,

    I just went through your videos and tutorials, its build up very nice and informative.

    My doubt is if the Ewaste is mixed how we can decide which metal to extract first ??…like gold first or silver , copper??
    Is aqua regia the correct method for recovering gold, silver??

  6. Hello Sir,

    Gone though your website , very nicely build up and very informative.

    My doubt is if I have mixed Ewaste how should I know which metals to recover first gold, Silver , Copper

    Is aqua regia refining process ok for recovering gold,silver,copper ??

  7. Very informative website. Very few people share real knowledge,no hidden secrets and umar iqbal is one of them..hats off to you brother..

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