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Oscillators recycling is an extra bonus in e-waste recycling. There are many types of oscillators can be found in electronics scrap. But in this tutorial, we shall talk about a specific type of oscillators. Many oscillators have only silver but you can gold and silver from these types of oscillators. These oscillators can be recovered from telecommunication and laptop boards. We can also get theses oscillators from many other types of boards. Before we start oscillators recycling, please press that like button to support.

Oscillators Recycling:

Many of oscillators have gold plated surface and gold and silver wire bonding in the inner part. We can not sort those gold and silver wire bonding oscillators. So, I will recycle oscillators together. First, Ready oscillators for recycling. Grind oscillators until all oscillators break in small pieces. After that take a 10 times large pot or beaker and put oscillators in it. Add hydrochloric acid with 1:3 ratio. If you oscillators are 1kg then add 3-liter hydrochloric acid. Now add 10 percent water of hydrochloric acid quantity.

Now start adding Nitric acid. Don’t and a large amount of nitric acid. Leave it for reaction. When the reaction has done then add more nitric acid and wait for the reaction. stirring the solution after sometimes. I used a plastic pot and did not use heat. But I will recommend you to use a beaker and giving heat. This is easy and risks free.

When you discover that all metals have dissolved in solution then stop adding nitric acid and leave it to cool down. Stire solution three to four times during this time. filter the solution. Now we have all metal in this solution. first, we shall recover silver. It is not necessary that silver is in solution. For silver, recovery adds some sulfuric acid to the solution and add some water. Sulfuric acid will precipitate silver and lead in solution. Filter that solution again. I added sulfuric acid in solution before filtering but you should use this procedure.

Gold Recovery:

For gold recovery, first, add urea in solution until reaction for neutralizing the nitric acid. As you know, we use SMB for gold precipitation. Make SMB Solution. Use 50-gram SMB for 1kg oscillators. Add SMB solution in gold solution and add water until the triple volume of solution. Leave it overnight for gold settled down.
Next day filter solution for gold dust recovery. Wash and dry filter paper. Burn filter paper. This gold dust is not pure and we should refine this. For a shortcut, you can use Aqua Regia for some more purity. This is not a proper refining but effective. Dissolve gold dust in aqua regia and precipitate gold again. Next procedure is melting. If you don’t know about melting procedure then you can read the gold melting tutorial.

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I hope, you learned some new about gold recovery. If you have any question or suggestion then please comment below or contact us. You can also like our Facebook page and subscribe youtube channel for staying updated. THANKS !

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