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Graphic Ic Chips Lower Part

Gold Recovery From Graphic Ic Chips Lower Part.


Hello everyone, this tutorial is about gold recovery from graphic ic chips lower part. As you know, I have already made a tutorial on graphic ic chips recycling. But in that tutorial, I told only upper part recycling. Our many friends were asking me about the lower part of graphic ic chips recycling. So, before starting our topic please press that like button to show your support.


Friends, when you start recycling of any new e-waste item. Then take the first step of examining. You can watch two main things on the lower part. Gold plating surface on the upper side and many solder balls on the lower side.

Solder is the enemy of the gold recovery procedure. If solder quantity is not high then you can continue your gold recovery procedure. But in this case, you can see that solder quantity is high. Now, first, we have to remove solder first.

If you have a lot of time and want to save your solder. Then you can scratch out these solder balls with a cutter blade. You can make some extra money but this method wastes your lot of time. For fast solder removing, simply dip in HCl and leave it over night. If you don’t know about HCl then you should read my beginners guide first. Next day, you will see all solder has vanished. Pour HCl in another pot and wash lower part with water.

Note: Don’t waste your HCl. You can use it in next gold recovery until it works.

After removing all solder, Dip again in fresh HCl. Add 5 percent water of HCl quantity. For example, if you add 1000 ml hydrochloric acid then add 50 ml water. Now start adding Nitric acid. Add Nitric acid until all gold and other metals dissolved in solution. Leave it for cool down and then filter it. You can use fabric or filter paper for filter process.

Now, Our gold in solution. It’s time to extract gold from solution. First, add urea to the solution until reaction. Urea will neutralize the nitric acid. Without this, your gold will not precipitate. Now make SMB solution. Use 20-gram SMB for 1 kg graphic ic chips lower part. Dissolve SMB in water and then add SMB solution to gold solution. Now double solution volume with water. Leave it overnight.

Next day, Filter the solution. Filter paper will catch all gold dust. Wash gold dust with water on filter paper. When you filter paper become free from acid dry and burn it. Now you can melt gold dust or dissolve it again in aqua regia for purity. If you don’t know about aqua regia then read my beginner’s guide tutorial.

Gold Quantity:

Let’s talk about gold quantity. I recovered different gold quantity in different batches. You can recover 500 mg to 800 mg gold per kg. There are many reasons behind different gold ratio. The first reason is its solder. Solder balls effect on its weight and then gold ratio per kg. The second reason is manufacturing companies. Some companies use low-grade gold in ic chips manufacturing. In my experience. intel use high-grade gold in their ic chips manufacturing.

I hope, Now you can easily recover gold from graphic ic chips lower part. If you have any question, leave the comment below.Subscribe my youtube channel GOLD RECOVERY for latest videos and like my facebook page for staying in touch.



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