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This tutorial is a part of gold recovery secrets. I think i have covered about all topics about gold recovery. And if you read and watch all my tutorials then you also have reached on next level in gold recovery from e-waste. Now it’s time earn profit from this business. Our many friends face trouble when they want to buy something from the market. They don’t know gold quantity in any item and because of this, they can’t estimate their purchasing cost. In this our gold recovery secrets series, we shall talk about all item gold quantity and purchase cost. Gold Recovery:

Gold Recovery:

As you know this tutorial is on CD or DVD-ROM boards. If you open a ROM then you will discover its main item board. Which weight ‘s can be 50 gram to 100 gram. Old ROM models have big cards with many ic chips. Snd newer models, especially SATA port DVD-ROMs, have a little board with some ic chips. Now, we can calculate that 5 kg to 10 kg boards can recover from 100 pieces of ROMs.

IC Chips:

Next question is that How much ic chips can recover from these boards. If we scratch 100 kg boards then we shall get 8 kg to 9 kg ic chips. But the result will different in SATA DVD ROMs. 6 to 7 kg ic chips can recover from SATA DVD-ROMs boards.

Gold Quantity:

Now, let’s talk about gold quantity in these ic chips. I have recovered 2.15 gram to 2.3 gram gold per kg ic chips. This is a good gold quantity in one kg. You can use Sulfuric acid method for ic chips recycling. Now, you can easily calculate gold quantity in cd ‘ DVD-ROMs and its boards.

Other Precious Metals:

One most important thing is MLCC. Cd-ROM MLCC have a nice ratio of palladium. You can use MLCc recycling method on MLCc. I have written a tutorial on this. You can also see gold plated pins jack. There is a small gold quantity in these jacks. I never recycle these pins jack. I recycle only ic chips of these boards and left MLCC and pins Jack on boards. I send cleaned boards to recycling companies after ic chips removing. I will make a tutorial on these companies.
But don’ worry, you will recover 95 percent gold with its ic chips recycling. I hope you learn something in this tutorial. If you like this then please like and share this tutorial with your friends. THANKS !



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