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Gold Recovery Chemicals

H2SO4 as a gold recovery chemicals:

gold recovery chemicalsSulfuric acid is a full name of H2SO4. Its molecular weight is 98.079. It means 98 % commercial grade. It is highly corrosive strong acid and very danger for the skin. Its melting point is 10 C. It reacts with water and other chemicals with high explosive. If, you are going to use this then complete your safety first. It is mostly used for gold recovery from ic chips in E-waste recycling.  

HNO3 as a gold recovery chemicals:

Full name of HNO3 is Nitric acid. It is also known as aqua fortis and spirit of niter. Pure nitric acid is colorless but an older sample can be yellow cast due to decomposition into oxides of nitrogen and water. For gold recovery, it is using commercial grade concentration 68% in water. It removes base metals and uses in aqua regia. It is very strong and danger for skin and health. If you are going to use it then get a mask and other safety precautions.

HCl as a gold recovery chemicals:

Full name of HCl is hydrochloric acid. It is also known as muriatic acid and historic name spirit of salt because it was made from rock salt. It is a colorless and highly pungent solution of hydrogen chloride in water. It’s a large usage in industry. Mostly it’s 32 percentage use in industry and e-waste recycling. It is also the main part of aqua regia. It is not a very dangerous for skin but it is a fumed acid and its effects on the respiratory system. Please use safety mask before use this chemical.

AQUA REGIA as a gold recovery chemicals:

Aqua regia word came from Latin which means royal water or king’s water. It’s named by alchemists because it can dissolve noble metals gold and platinum. It is a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. The ratio of acids is 1:3 which means 1 part of nitric acid and 3 parts of hydrochloric acid. It is the main part of gold recovery and e-waste recycling. I will make a tutorial on it in detail. It is a yellow red fumed solution.

What is Soda?

The chemical name of soda is sodium bicarbonate and its chemical formula is NaHCO3. Its color is white. Many people are confused about soda. It is a cleaning agent. If there is any dust or filter paper ash in you gold dust and have trouble to melt gold then you can add some soda. Soda helps gold in melting.

What is Sodium Nitrate?

The formula of sodium nitrate is NaNO3. Sodium nitrate is a white solid very soluble in water. It is a flame able powder. Many refiners use it in silver melting.

What is Potassium Nitrate?

Potassium Nitrate is a chemical compound with the chemical formula KNO3. It is used in gunpowder. Refiners also use this in meeting and other gold, silver recovery. It is in crystal shape.

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  1. Très enrichissant votre site et j’apprécie la précision des informations que vous donnez. Tout mes encouragements

  2. The information is OK but my concern about the harmful substance I have kids with me here if can have a way of sending the CPU parts for you to refine for me I will appreciate it.

  3. a.o.a umar bhai. waiting for new post especially copper recovery from solution. please up load fast. !!! thanks

  4. hii Im new here i desperately Want to start business like this please. .. Help me to start and where I can find all this chemicals and how much Money I have to spend to start business
    All things I want to know I’m ready to share profits too

    1. Hi I’m based in Nigeria and I just search out this educating information about gold refining. First I don’t know how to go about it. But I’m thinking of collecting the necessary material to send it to you so you cold refine. How do I go about it cos over here in we got a whole lot of old scrap laptop and phone motherboard. This is my contact +2348166813786.

  5. Hi, Salam Aleikum
    thanks for you helpful posts.
    I have a question.
    i have some palladium gold mix that rate of mixture is 8% palladium and 92% gold.
    what is the procedure of extraction? is the same as gold with Aqua Regina and Metabisolphidsodium or another way?
    Im looking forward to hearing from your guide.

    1. Thanks for your good words.
      You and use aqua regia but palladium recovery will difficult. You can refine gold with silver. All palladium will dissolve in nitric acid and then you can precipitate palladium with DMG or sodium cyanide.

  6. Hi my self Mahesh I’m also looking for business to start plz can u help me to start because I have no any idea about it who should I start and also I have taken some scrap boards

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